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AOPA NAVITIMER 75th  Anniversary
 Navitimer TimeLine - the most iconic pilot watch at all times !!! 
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The Navitimer was designed for pilots and for AOPA  (Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association)
Navitimer from 1954 One of the first movement venus 178 Although the model was announced in 1952 Only in 1954 was it possible to achieve Navitimer from 1955 Ref 806 movement  Valjoux 72 Produced in a limited numberBecause of the lack of Venus 178 movement  Navitimer from 1956 Ref 806 AOPA logo  VALJOUX 72 movement 

 The Navitimer name is an assemblage of navigation and timer .

Navitimer from 1958 Ref 806 AOPA logo back 
with Venus 178 movement 

The first Navitimer where produces with a black dial and arabic,the famous AOPA logo and venus 178.
Navitimer from 1959 Ref 806 AOPA logo with BREITLING on top Venus 178  movement  Navitimer from 1959 Ref 806 AOPA logo
Venus 178 movement 
NAVITIMER COSMONAUTE from 1962 with the AOPA logo 

From 1954 to 1955 some Navitimers manufactured with the Valjoux 72 movement. 
NAVITIMER  from 1963 with the AOPA logo NAVITIMER COSMONAUTE from 1966 with the double plane logo  NAVITIMER COSMONAUTE from 1966 with the double plane logo  Valjoux 7736 movement  

The reference of the first Navitimer was 806 .
NAVITIMER GOLD CASE from 1966 with the double plane logo  Navitimer from 1967 Ref 7806 with date  double plane logo with Valjoux 7740 movement  NAVITIMER COSMONAUTE Gold case ref  809.4
Venus 178 movement  with the double plane logo 

After a decade Breitling changed the dial ,white subdials only No#"12" and AOPA logo remained.
Navitimer from 1967 Ref 7806-S with date ON "6" double plane logo with Valjoux 7740 movement   Navitimer from 1967 Ref 816 with date ON "6" double plane logo with Venus 178 movement case 48mm olso ref 816-72 with Valjoux 72 movement Navitimer from 1969 Ref 806 AOPA logo

Late 60's and breitling replaced venus 178 with valjoux 7740 with date display.
Venus 170  movement  with the double plane logo,Diameter 47mm
Navitimer from 1971 Ref 7808 with date ON "6" double plane logo with Valjoux 7740 movement  

Breitling released pre-series of the chrono-matic model in september 1968 "Automatic Navitimer" .
Breitling  NAVITIMER QUARTZ  ref 9106 
  from 1973
Breitling Navitimer ref 9416 LCD QUARTZ  Diameter 48mm from 1974 Breitling  NAVITIMER QUARTZ  LCD  ref 9406 
  from 1974

Breitling launch in 1973 Quartz Navitimers
Navitimer from 1986 Ref 81600 gold  no date new logo with Lemania 1872 movement  Navitimer from 1986 Ref 81600 no date new logo with Lemania 1872 movement  Navitimer from 1987 Ref 81610 with date ON 3"" NEW logo with Valjoux 7750 movement

Ernest Schneider bought the Breitling and the Navitimer trademark in 1979.
NAVITIMER COSMONAUTE from 1991 ref  A12019
  24H dial,Manual Wind
Navitimer from 1991 Ref A13019 "OLD NAVITIMER" Caliber 13 movement base Valjoux 7750 movement Navitimer from 1992 Ref A13020 "OLD NAVITIMER" Caliber 13 movement base Valjoux 7750 movement,41.5mm

Navitimer was back in 1996 with the 81600 model Lemania 1872 tricompax subdials.
Navitimer 92  from 1992 Ref A30022 "" Caliber 30 movement base eta 2892 movement,Diameter
Navitimer 92 Platin  from1992 Ref L30021
Caliber 30 
movement base eta 2892
Diameter 30mm,Limted edition 50 pcs
Navitimer MONTBRILLANT from 1992 Ref A30030.2 caliber 30 with 41rubis,no date' Diameter 38mm LIMITED EDITION 25 pcs.

Navitimer in 1996 with the 816010 model with Valjoux 7750 Automatic movement with 12,6,and 9 subdials.
Navitimer MONTBRILLANT from 1992 Ref A30030.2 caliber 30 with 41rubis,with date Diameter 38mm  Navitimer AVI  from 1993 Ref A13023
Caliber 13 
movement base Valjoux 7750 movement,Diameter 40.8mm
Navitimer QP  from 1993 Ref H29020  Caliber 29 25 pcs, Diameter 40mm
In 1993 the Old Navitimer II model with Valjoux 7750 the first navi with "B" logo on central second hand.
Navitimer 92 FOOTBALL from 1994  Ref A30022
Caliber 30 
Measuring time 45 minutes
 ,Limted edition 200 pcs
Navitimer FOOTBALL "old navitimer "  from 1994 
Caliber 13 Measuring time 45 minutes
 ,Limted edition 500 pcs
Navitimer from 1993 Ref A13022
"OLD NAVITIMER II "  Caliber 13 
movement base Valjoux 7750 movement,Diameter41.5mm
In 1994 the Navitimer play Football  at world cap u.s.a
Navitimer  Cosmonaute from 1994 Ref A12022 caliber 12 Diameter 41.5mm Série Spéciale 
japan market Transparent back
Navitimer MONTBRILLANT from 1995 Ref A30030.4 caliber 30 with 41rubis,no date' Diameter 38mm Série Spéciale on the back 1271 pcs. Navitimer QP 95  GOLD from 1995 ref k18022 caliber 18  Diameter 41.5mm limted edition 50 pcs 
The Navitimer get special versions of various diameters.
Navitimer Rattrapante Gold from 1996 Ref K34030 caliber 34 with 39 rubis, Diameter 37mm limted edition 100 pcs Navitimer Rattrapante Platin  from 1996 Ref L34030 caliber 34 with 39 rubis, Diameter 37mm limted edition 25 pcs Navitimer COSMONAUT SCOTT CARPENTER
1996 Ref A12022 caliber 12 no date, Diameter 41.5mm limted edition 1000 pcs
The Navitimer get special models with Complex mechanisms.
Navitimer Airborne GOLD  from 1996 Ref K30030 caliber 30 , Diameter 38mm limted edition 100 pcs Navitimer Airborne  from 1996 Ref A30030 caliber 30 , Diameter 38mm  Navitimer 1952 QP Perpetual Platinum
from 1998 Ref H29030 caliber 29 Diameter 43.3mm 
Navitimer 1461/52 from 1998 Ref A38022 caliber 38 with 37 rubis Diameter 41.5mm limted edition 1000pcs   Navitimer 1461/52 from 1998 Ref A38022 caliber 38 with 37 rubis Diameter 41.5mm limted edition 1000pcs - no No. on dthe dial.  Navitimer Mecannique 1998 Ref A11022 caliber 11 with 18 rubis base on Lemaina 1873 Diameter 41.5mm limted edition 250 pcs
The Navitimer Premier and the Grund Permier without the Slide rule.
Navitimerr from 1998 Ref A11022 caliber 11 with 18 rubisbase on Lemaina 1873 Diameter 41.5mm limted edition 200 pcs japan market Transparent back Navitimerr PREMIER  from1998 Ref A40035 caliber 40 ,no date Diameter 36.1mm imited edition on the back Navitimerr PREMIER  Gold  from 1999 Ref H42035 caliber 42 Diameter 36.1mm
Navitimer TWIN SIXTY   from 1998 Ref A39022 caliber 39 Diameter 41.7mm,24 hour indicator Navitimer AVISTAR  from 1998 Ref A13024 caliber 13, Diameter 41.4mm, Navitimerr from 1998 Ref A11022 caliber 11 with 18 rubisbase on Lemaina 1873 Diameter 41.5mm limted edition 200 pcs japan market Transparent back
Navitimer GRAND PREMIER   from 1999 Ref A13024.1 caliber 13 with Diameter 39.7mm  Navitimer TWIN SIXTY  II from 1999 Ref A39022.1 caliber 39 Diameter 41.8mm SERIE SPECIALE ON THE BACK Navitimer TWIN SIXTY  II from 1999 Ref A39022 caliber 39 Diameter 41.8mm
 A36036 caliber 36 Diameter 41mm
Navitimer MONTBRILLANSPATIOGRAPHE GOLD  from 1999 Ref H36036 caliber 36 limted edition 50 pcs Navitimer 1461 from 1999 Ref A19022 caliber 19 Diameter 41.8mm limted edition 250 pcs
 A36036 caliber 36 Diameter 41mm
Navitimer MONTBRILLANT ECLIPSfrom 1999 Ref A43030 caliber 43 Diameter 41.5mm  Navitimer MONTBRILLANT ECLIPSfrom 1999 Ref A43030 caliber 43 Diameter 41.5mm 

From 1999 the Navitimer is certified chronometer.
Navitimer MONTBRILLANT 1461 JOURS  from 2000 Ref A19030 caliber 19 ,Diameter 41.5mm  Navitimer Fighters from 2001 Ref A13330 caliber 13 Diameter 41.5mm ,SERIA SPCIALE on the dial Navitimer Montbrillant   from 2001 ref H47330 for japan limted edition 100 pcs
Navitimer Montbrillant Datora  from 2002  Ref A21330 caliber 21,Diameter 43mm     

Navitimer celebration 50th annivresary.
Navitimer QUANTIEME PERPEUEL 2002 Ref H29320 caliber 29  50th Anniversary (1952-2002) Diameter 41.5mm limted edition 50 pcs,double plane logo  Navitimer 50th Anniversary from 2002 Ref A41322 caliber 41 (1952-2002) Diameter 41.8mm limted edition ,double plane logo  Navitimer HERITAGE from 2002 Ref A35350 caliber 35 FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH, Integral Bracelet  Diameter 43mm 
Navitimer Classic from 2003 A23322 caliber 23 DIameter 41.8mm Navitimer Montbrillant 1903 for100th Anniversary for AVIATION from 2003 Gold Ref K35330 caliber 35 (1903-2003)  limted edition Wright Brothers plane is on the back Navitimer Rattrapante gold from 2003 ref K46322 limted edition DIameter 41mm
Navitimer Quatre Gold  from 2004 japan
 A33340 caliber 33 Transparent back
Navitimer Montbrillant Edition 100th Anniversary from 2005 Gold Ref H48330 caliber 48 (1905-2005)  limted edition La Chaux-de-Fonds Montbrillant,Manual Wind Navitimer COSMONAUT FROM 2004 
Ref A22322 caliber 22 Diameter 41.5mm 
Navitimer Montbrillant from 2005 Gold Ref J47330 caliber 47 with 38 rubis Diameter 36 mm limted edition100 pcs. Navitimer 05  from 2005 Gold Ref A23330 caliber 23 Japan limted edition 400 pcs Navitimer GMT  from 2005 Gold Ref J24324 caliber 24 Japan limted edition 100 pcs
Navitimer Montbrillant  from 2006 ref A41330 cal.41 with 38  rubis Diameter 38mm  Navitimer Montbrillant  from 2006 ECLIPSE  japan market limited edition Navitimer Montbrillant Rose Gold ref  H47340 from 2006 japan market limited edition 100 pcs.
Navitimer Montbrillant Olympus from 2006  ref A19350
cal.19 ,Diameter 42.1 mm
Navitimer Montbrillant Datora  from 2006 Platine Ref L21330 caliber 21,Diameter 43mm,limted edition 25 pcs  
Navitimer world  from 2006 ref  A24322 cal.24 with 25  rubis Diameter 46mm  ,GMT Navitimer MONTBRILLANT from 2007  cal.23   Diameter 38mm steel with "swiss made" Tag Navitimer MONTBRILLANT Legende from 2007 ref C23340 cal.23   Diameter 47mm ,ntegral Bracelet
NAVITIMER Classic Gold case from 2007
 limited edition japan without 24H dial
Navitimer Montbrillant Edition  from 2007 Ref A48330 caliber 48 ,Manual Wind Navitimer Montbrillant 40S GOLD from 2008 Ref R47350  caliber 47 japan limited edition 100pcs
Navitimer "OLD" PLATINE   from 2007 caliber 13 Japan limited edition  Navitimer09 from 2009 caliber 23 Japan limited edition 400 pcs Navitimer "OLD from 2009 caliber 13 Japan limited edition 100 pcs
Breitling celebration 125th annivresary 1884-2009.
Navitimer Anniversaire 125 from 2009  caliber 26  limited edition 2009 pcs. Diameter 43mm Navitimer Anniversaire 125 GOLD from 2009  caliber 26  limited edition 125 pcs. Diameter 43mm Navitimer STARTOS gold from 2010 ref R33350 caliber 33 Japan limited edition 50 pcs. 
Navitimer get In-House movements .
NAVITIMER COSMONAUTE LE from 2010 For 125 ans to breitling  limited edition ,Diameter 41.5 mm Navitimer 01 from 2010 caliber 01 ref AB0120  Manufacturer  in-house limited edition
Transparent back,limited edition 2000 pcs Diameter 43mm
Navitimer 01 gold  from 2010 caliber 01 Manufacturer in-house limited edition
Transparent back,Diameter 43mm
Navitimer 01 BleuSky  from 2012 ref RB0125  movement cal.01 ,Diamete 43mm ,Transparent back Navitimer 01 BleuSky  60th anniversary 1952-2012 2012 ref AB0125  limited  500 pcs.,movement cal.01 ,Diamete 43mm ,Transparent back NAVITIMER COSMONAUTE 50th from 2012 (1962-2012) ref AB0210 Cal.02 ,Manufacturer  in-house Manual Wind Diameter 43 mm limited 1962 pcs.
Navitimer 01 Limited  from 2012 movement cal.01 ,Diamete 43mm Limited 2000 pcs,Transparent back Navitimer 01  from 2012 movement cal.01 
Diameter 43mm
Navitimer 1461 ref A19037 from 2012 movement cal.19 
Navitimer 01 PANAMERICAN 43mm from 2013 caliber 01 Japan limited edition 100 pcs NAVITIMER COSMONAUTE BLACKSTELL FROM 2013 Cal.02 ,Manufacturer  in-house Manual Wind Diameter 43 mm limited 1962 pcs.  

You can see Also the Breitling Navitimer Limited Galerry 
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