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CHRONOLINER 16.02.2015

The authentic flight captain’s watch
A chronometer-certified chronograph to measure flight times, a
second timezone display in 24-hour mode to juggle time
differences around the planet, a scratch-resistant high-tech black
ceramic bezel: the new Chronoliner reinterprets the spirit of
aviation in an original and timeless style.
Across more than half a century, aviation has enjoyed spectacular progress. Planes’
performances have reached dizzying heights. The instrument panels featuring pointertype
counters and manual controls of the Super Constellation aircraft and the first jets
have given way to computer screens and electronic joysticks. But two things have
remained unchanged: flight captains still wear the same prestigious uniform; and a
Breitling chronograph continues to sit proudly on their wrist.
Inspired by a model from the 1950s and 60s, an era when Breitling was already an
“official supplier to world aviation”, the new Chronoliner continues this tradition in a
resolutely modern spirit. Its most distinctive feature is a broad bezel in scratch-resistant
high-tech ceramic – one of the hardest synthetic materials – with a star-shaped cut-out
to facilitate handling, along with white ceramic numerals ensuring an optimal
contrast. The second timezone is clearly and simply read off thanks to the red-tipped
hand and this rotating bezel with its graduated 24-hour scale, equipped with an ultraprecise
ratcheted system. Just the ticket for a long-haul flight anywhere in the world.
The performances of the chronograph, which is officially chronometer-certified by the
COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) like all Breitling movements, are
displayed on counters at 12, 9 and 6 o’clock. The dial is distinguished by a degree of
legibility worthy of the finest flight instruments, with white luminescent hour-markers
standing out against a black background, oversized hour/minute hands, along with
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