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Breitling, the Pilot's Watch -The Film

Breitling and aviation enjoy passionate and enduring ties. A quest for innovation dedicated to fine accomplishments. A desire to constantly push existing boundaries. A taste for risk and adventure.

From aviation pioneers to Jetman's feats, from the Navitimer chronograph to the Breitling Jet Team, and from onboard chronographs to the Reno air races -- the world's fastest motor sport --, Breitling has shared all the finest hours in the conquest of the skies.

In 130 years, the firm with the winged B has established itself as the undisputed specialist of pilot's watches thanks to its accurate, sturdy, high-performance instruments developed for the most demanding professionals.

Enjoy a fresh look at this magnificent adventure in a breathtaking new film!

Breitling, the Pilot's Watch - check out the movie on March 6th
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