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14.05.2013 The Breitling Jet Team soars over the Mount Fuji

The Breitling Jet Team completes its tour of Japan by visiting the people of Fukushima. It was a priority for the team to visit the area and offer its support and encouragement to the region still bravely recovering from the catastrophic effects of the March 2011, Tsunami.

When the team landed at Fukushima airport, the members were overwhelmed by the reception given by the local people. Musicians, school children and dancers all showed their appreciation for the European team’s visit. The pilots did their best to inspire the local residents with an aerobatic display on arrival and a fly-pass of 12 cities in the Fukushima prefecture.

The Breitling Jet Team, the world’s only professional civilian aerobatic jet team, was travelling through Japan as part of their Breitling Asian Tour. En route to Fukushima, the team had already completed a spectacular performance in the skies above Kobe. Over 2000 spectators, including 550 Japanese Breitling Club members, had a unique perspective from specially moored boats in Kobe harbour, enabling them to watch the aerial ballet unfold above them.

The first ever display of a European aerobatic jet team in Japan was highly appreciated by the crowds and media, with the emotive, high-speed, high-g performance appearing on 10 different TV channels and 60 news websites.
The team has thoroughly enjoyed the warm reception from the local people and the stunning scenery of Japan. The crowning aerial highlight was flying past the snow-capped peak of the iconic Mount Fuji volcano.

The pilots will now transit back to Europe before returning to Asia in August.
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