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27.04.2012 The Breitling seal of confidence

Breitling provides powerful confirmation of the exceptional reliability of its "Manufacture" movements by offering an exceptional five-year warranty on all models equipped with these calibers.

In 2009, Breitling took its place within the exclusive circle of watch companies with their own mechanical chronograph movement. Not only was the development of this Caliber 01 intended to ensure the brand's long-term independence, but as a specialist of chronographs and instruments for professionals, Breitling also set itself the goal of making the world's best chronograph movement. Best in terms of performance, reliability and functionality. With this in mind, the firm put in place an avant-garde industrial facility and in-house competencies enabling it to produce its movements according to its own high standards, while ensuring maximum reliability on a large scale – around 40,000 movements in 2011. Caliber 01, which is chronometer-certified like all the brand's movements, currently powers several of Breitling's star models, including the Chronomat, the Navitimer, the Montbrillant and the Transocean. The firm's engineers have also used it as the basis for creating several innovative movements featuring functions that are both useful and user-friendly, such as Caliber 04 with its highly ingenious second timezone system, and the brand-new worldtimer Caliber 05. To confirm the exceptional reliability of these in-house movements, Breitling has decided to introduce an exclusive five-year warranty on all models equipped with its Manufacture calibers – meaning around half its range of mechanical chronographs. This move represents an exceptional measure at this level of production, and a powerful seal of confidence for all users of Breitling wrist instruments.
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