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Herbert Nitsch freedives towards an 800-foot record 01.12.2011

Herbert Nitsch, airline pilot and extreme record man, went down in history on June 14th 2007, off the Greek island of Spetses, by freediving to a depth of 700 feet (-214 m). This incredible feat put him way ahead of his nearest competitors and has yet to be superseded. Since then, he has kept right on pushing his limits. Closely linked with Breitling, “The Flying Fish” is currently engaged in the preparatory phase for his next record: freediving to 800 feet (-244 m), scheduled for summer 2012. To test his physique and nerves of steel, he has once again chosen the waters of the Aegean Sea, in the magnificent setting of the isle of Santorini. The highly successful trials have provided the opportunity to check the performance of the “torpedo sled” facilitating the champion’s descent and ascent, complete with its underfoot ballast system, as well as the overhead inflatable buoy for bringing the diver back to the surface – all on a single breath. This is super high-tech and ultra-reliable equipment, exactly like the Breitling that partners his accomplishments. Highly focused on safety, Herbert Nitsch intends to perfect his physical and mental training during the next few months, and finalize the development of the whole procedure of diving to the 800-foot threshold, before setting the “Breitling Extreme 800” record next year. All of which will bring him one step closer to his ultimate objective of breaking the legendary 1,000-foot (-305 m) barrier.
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