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identifiable by their rubber-molded pushpieces and bezel.
Evocatively code-named “Raven”, the resulting timepieces feature a resolutely high-tech black and steel look. Both models – one electronic and the other mechanical – boast peerless functionality. The Airwolf makes the most of the performances of its exclusive SuperQuartz™ movement driving this ultra-accurate instrument providing the full range of functions required by professional pilots: 1/100th of a second chronograph, alarm, countdown, 2nd timezone, UTC. An NVG-compatible display backlighting system enables night-time read-off, while a turbine-shaped construction on the caseback serves as a resonance chamber for the alarm and other audible indications.

Meanwhile, the Skyracer is designed to be the most efficient selfwinding chronograph in its category. Bearing this in mind, Breitling has equipped it with Caliber 27, an exclusive mechanism enabling dual visualization of measured times. The 60-minute counter with central hand guarantees peerless readability of any measurement under one hour. For longer durations, a single two-hand counter shows both the hours and minutes. Elapsed time is read off just as one would read off the time, instantly and without any possible confusion. The rack-and-pinion mounted slide rule underscores the aviation-oriented vocation of both the Airwolf Raven and Skyracer Raven models.
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