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Blackbird - 22.06.2006

The Individuality InstinctFor Breitling, the name Blackbird traditionally refers to a special series designed on the basis of the Chronomat, the brand's flagship model. The new Blackbird is an original chronograph distinguished by the strength of its design and its undeniable individuality instinct.
It radiates a personality all its own within the Breitling wrist instrument collection. At the crossroads between luxurious aesthetics and technical complexity, the lines of its case are highlighted by the contrast between satin-brushed upper surfaces and polished sides. The same is true of its "Blackbird special" Pilot bracelet with its exclusive facetted profile. As its name implies, the Blackbird chronograph is fitted with a black dial only, a color that greatly contributes to its excellent readability that is further enhanced by large hands and oversized luminescent hour-markers. Blackbird's legibility goes well beyond reading off the time.

The calendar at 12 o'clock is composed of two separate indicators, one for tens and the other for units. This "large window" calendar is driven by Breitling Caliber 44, chronometer-certified by the COSC.
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