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CHRONO-MATIC 24H - 13.02.2006

In 1969, Breitling created the first selfwinding chronograph movement: Caliber 11, a mechanism in which the spring is wound by means of an off-centered oscillating weight. This invention would enable the development of a whole range of chronographs named Chrono-Matic, instantly recognizable thanks to their left-placed crown.
The Chrono-Matic line has now made its grand comeback in the Breitling collections. Even though it is strongly inspired by the original drawing, today's Chrono-Matic range is far more than a mere re-edition: it is truly a reinterpretation in a contemporary spirit. This principle is eloquently illustrated by the new Chrono-Matic 24H. The exclusive design is further enhanced by the original 24-hour display, a brand specialty stemming from its experience in space explorations during the early 1960s. On this model, the hour hand revolves around the dial in 24 hours, instead of 12 as seen on traditional watch displays.

The Chrono-Matic 24H also features a Flyback mechanism. This additional function serves to launch successive timing operations without needing to stop, reset and restart the chronograph. Governed by the same concern for authenticity, the Chrono-Matic carries the Breitling signature topped with the initial B, the brand symbol of that era. Other essential characteristic of the Chrono-Matic lies in the aviation slide-rule, controlled by rotating the outer bezel, which drives a pinion and an arbor acting on the inner bezel. This mechanical device guarantees extremely precise read-off of the measurements made. The Chrono-Matic 24H is powered by 38-jewel Breitling Caliber 22LC (Left Crown), officially chronometer-certified by the COSC, like all movements driving Breitling wrist instruments.
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