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United under a "winged B", Breitling and Bentley form an alliance based on shared values. Symbolizing these ties, Breitling participated in the styling of the instrumentation for the fabulous Bentley Continental GT, voted "the world's most beautiful car", and accompanied the victory of Team Bentley in the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours race. This partnership has also given rise to BREITLING for BENTLEY, a line of exclusive chronographs dedicated to the British carmaker. Two new models have now been added to these exceptional mechanical feats: the  Bentley GT chronographs. This launch heralds the emergence of a full-fledged watch collection, a range distinguished by exclusivity, prestige and performance
Like all the chronographs dedicated to Bentley, the GT version is endowed with a variable tachometer,
another Breitling exclusive feature. Used in conjunction with the chronograph, this device enables one to
measure average speed, whatever the time elapsed, the distance covered or the speed reached. In much
the same way as a slide rule, the variable tachometer is operated by rotating the external bezel, which drives
a pinion and an arbor activating the inner bezel. This mechanical subtlety enables precise read-off of the
measured speeds. The Bentley GT chronograph is  available in steel, in steel with gold accents, in yellow
gold, and in a limited series of 50 in white gold.

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