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11.12.2012 Breitling boutiques enjoy swift and steady development

Inaugurations are taking place in rapid-fire succession for the chronograph and technical watch specialist. After Beijing, Hong Kong, Paris, Vienna and Las Vegas in recent months, the independent Swiss brand is preparing to open exclusive new own-name stores in Asia, Europe and America.

In just a few years, Breitling has inaugurated nearly 30 boutiques around the world, the goal being to consolidate its presence and raise its profile on individual markets, by offering consumers venues that perfectly reflect the brand universe. Designed in a modern and original style highlighting the firm’s aeronautical heritage, these distinctive showcases enable customers to benefit from a highly professional approach facilitating the discovery of a broad range of Breitling and Breitling for Bentley models – notably including chronographs equipped with Manufacture Breitling movements, along with “special boutique editions”.

At the end of 2010, the brand opened a spectacularly sized flagship store – the world’s largest Breitling boutique – at the very heart of Manhattan, between the iconic Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue shopping miles. As Breitling vice-president Jean-Paul Girardin points out: “The United States have been our top market for over 20 years, and we wanted a place worthy of this stellar role and of New York itself.” Since then, the firm has also opened boutiques in Miami and Las Vegas, as well as on the Isle of Guam, with Orlando soon to be joining the list of locations. Moreover, four boutiques in the Caribbean and another in Buenos Aires help to ensure that the rest of the American continent is not neglected.
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