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- 08.06.2011 Breitling Jet Team flies with an Airbus A380

n the build up to the largest and most established global aerospace event, the Breitling Jet Team joined the iconic Airbus A380 for an aerial tour over the Toulouse region, creating a memorable and stunning formation flight in celebration of French aviation achievement.
The A380, with its 80-meter wingspan and 72-meter length looked serene and majestic with its escort of seven Breitling Jet Team high performance display jets. With a mere wingspan of 9.5 meters each, the jets joined the giant of the skies for a flight lasting 50 minutes, averaging speeds of 500 km/h. The flight took place the day before the Airexpo show at Muret-Lherm where both the Breitling Jet Team and the Airbus performed alongside other legendary display teams including the British Red Arrows.
The Breitling Jet Team joins the Paris International Air Show from June 20th-26th at Le Bourget Airport as part of Breitling's aviation presence, which will also include the Breitling Wingwalkers and other renowned brand ambassadors. The Breitling Jet Team is usually seen performing breathtaking displays at air shows and sporting events around the world. The seven L-39C jets fly within 3 meters of each other, at speeds of almost 750 km/h and enduring forces of up to 8G as they accelerate - embodying the very essence of daring, speed and precision.
The leader of the Breitling Jet Team, Jacques Bothelin has clocked up over 10,100 flight hours on 145 different types of planes and has performed over 2,700 demonstrations. He explains: «Flying with the airbus A380 was an awe-inspiring experience and I have achieved a dream with this flight. I would like to thank Airbus and their chief test pilots Pete Chandler and Christophe Cailles.
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