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The New Transocean 10.12.2010

A brand-new Breitling model is taxiing along the runway, ready for takeoff. The Transocean with its modern lines, pure design and refined details admirably reflects the spirit of luxury and prestige of the finest long-haul journeys. Aboard its understated, streamlined fuselage is a high-performance "engine" entirely developed and produced in the Breitling workshops. As a preview celebration of this future classic, the brand with the winged B is introducing a Transocean Chronograph Limited special series fitted with a transparent caseback revealing Breitling Caliber 01 – doubtless the best chronograph movement in its category.
As a prelude to the launch of the series-produced models, Breitling offers collectors and enthusiasts of milestone watches a special edition of this new first-class chronograph. Issued in worldwide series of 2,000 in steel and 200 in red gold, the Transocean Chronograph Limited is equipped with a polished case and bezel and carries the individual number engraved on the case middle. It is available with two dial variations – Mercury Silver or black – and comes fitted with a choice of leather or crocodile leather strap, or a woven steel bracelet. Contrary to future models in the series, to be endowed with solid casebacks, this limited-edition model water-resistant to 100 meters (330 ft) boasts a transparent back serving to reveal the 100% Breitling-made chronograph caliber with its column wheel and its distinctive architecture. An open window on excellence.
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