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Caliber 01 06.02.2009

Breitling crowns its 125 years of passion for chronographs with the launch of its own high-performance movement
Breitling is marking an important date in its history by unveiling Caliber 01, its first chronograph “motor” designed and built entirely in-house. It is a logical evolution for a brand that has played a major role in developing the wrist chronograph, and is counted among the leading makers of this complication. It is a perfectly consistent choice for one of the last independent Swiss watchmakers, which is thereby ensuring its freedom to maneuver and loyalty to its own criteria for excellence.

Through 125 years and five generations, Breitling has tied its name closely to the development of aviation, sports, technology, sciences and industry – all of these being areas that require reliable and accurate measuring instruments. With the 01, the company is more than ever confirming its calling to accomplish challenging feats, and beginning a new chapter in a history already replete with great moments in the air, on land and beneath the seas.
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