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- 12.04.2007 Superocean Héritage 46 & Superocean Héritage 38

Entirely in its elementIn 1957, having already established its mastery of the skies, Breitling set off to conquer the maritime depths by launching the Superocean, a diver's watch featuring a monohull case and armored glass guaranteeing water resistance to 200 meters (660 feet) and representing an exceptional technical feat at that time. Designed to equip professional and military divers, and particularly special troops, the Superocean soon gained a following among enthusiasts of leisure diving, an increasingly popular activity. Over the years, Breitling has enriched this legendary line by developing ever more efficient models in simple and chronograph versions, boasting water resistance to depths of 500, 1,500 and even 2,000 meters. The successive generations of Superocean models have distinguished themselves by their magnificent technical qualities as well as their peerless functionality and readability. Today, Breitling pays tribute to this seagoing instrument by creating Superocean Héritage, a diver's watch that is more than ever in its element.
The Superocean Héritage is available with a choice of two new highly original wristbands. The Ocean Classic woven steel bracelet reflects the aesthetics of the initial version that gave the watch its unusual visual appeal, making a daring contrast with the smooth surfaces of the dial and bezel. Elegant, supple and comfortable, it is equipped with a folding clasp ensuring easy handling. Breitling has also equipped it with a new screw system enabling the wearer to shorten and lengthen it as required. With its circular perforations reminiscent of 1960s racing straps, the Ocean Racer rubber strap gives the watch an especially sporting touch. It comes in three colors matching those of the dial and bezel: black, blue and bronze. Breitling has equipped it with a brand-new folding clasp, superbly engineered with lateral pushbuttons to ensure maximum comfort and
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