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The Bentley Masterpiece 13/06/2004

The culture of tradition and exclusivityUnited under the "winged B", Breitling and Bentley form an alliance based on their shared values of exclusivity, prestige and performance. Know-how and tradition are two other such values.
At Bentley, these reach their fullest expression in the exclusive Mulliner workshops, where several hundred uniquely talented specialists devote their experience and knowledge to personalising a Bentley. Craftsmanship, perfection and individuality are the guiding principles behind their work, culminating in the creation of even more exceptional automobiles. The culture of tradition and exclusivity is equally important for Breitling. It is in this frame of mind that the chronograph specialist has crafted a rare specimen of Haute Horlogerie dedicated to Bentley.

The Grande Complication Bentley Masterpiece is a one-of-a-kind creation assembled on the basis of a century-old ébauche or movement blank from the Breitling archives. Over a year's work was required to produce it.

The Caliber 117 powering the Bentley Masterpiece is equipped with Minute Repeater, Perpetual Calendar and Chronograph functions. Not only does this mechanical masterpiece strike the hours, quarters and minutes (on request), but its perpetual calendar also indicates the date, the day of the week and the month - taking account of leap years - and even reveals the different phases of the moon during its rotation around the earth. Its single-pushpiece chronograph mechanism indicates 1/5ths of a second.
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