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 Navitimer information - the most iconic pilot watch at all times !!! 
Theses "look like" Navitimers are a little bit special : they have in fact been produced after the liquidation of Breitling in the 1979 :
In 1979, just before Breitling sold out to Sicura (Ernst Schneider), the Breitling stock was sold off.....

The entire spares inventory,uncompleted stock, and the design rights to all pre '79 stock, were sold to Ollech and Wajs. Albert Wajs now produces 806/809 and Chronomatic designs made from genuine Breitling spares, and sells them under the brand name Aviation. Any parts required, that are no longer available, are manufactured by them to Breitling design and specification. Since the Venus 178 movement is no longer available, he now uses a movement which was a contemporary of the 178, the HW Val 7730 and 7736.Note also this "Navitimer inspired" watch from Ollech & Wajs this one is named "Selectron" and have a Valjoux 7734 movement
Selectron is a trademark of Ollech & Wajs , it have been used for several watches and stopwatches all equipped with sliderule.

Ollech & Wajs watches are very interesting historically : they are "nearly" real Navitimers , some models even use some genuide Breitling parts : they might be a good alternative for buying a "New Old Stock" Breitling Navitimer : prices of used Navitimer 806 is now higher and higher, it became VERY difficult to find one in good shape : Even if they are not labeled "Breitling" they are linked to the brand's story.

All completed stock, and the right to use the 806/809 design (not the name) was sold to Helmut Sinn, who sold off most of the branded stock to trade. Olde Worlde Jewellers in USA bought a good proportion. Sinn now manufacture the 806/809 under their own brand name, and model no 903.
The Company name, and trademarks were sold to the new Breitling company, run by Ernst Schneider.
Theses "Navitimer like" watches could not therefore be concidered as fakes and they are interesting historically , but they could not also be concidered as true Navitimers.

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