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A star in the sky
While universally known for its extremely masculine high-end sports watches, BREITLING is nonetheless careful never to neglect women. Working on the principle that technical sophistication should not rule out beautiful lines, the brand designers have created the STARLINER, the most feminine model within its collection.

This new "star" in the BREITLING firmament is distinguished by the refined softness of its lines and the meticulous finishing of the materials used. Materials such as mother-of- pearl, for example, since BREITLING has chosen this gem of the seas to adorn the STARLINER dials. The shimmering reflections of this refined material are enhanced by vertical grooves and come in a range of extremely feminine shades. On some models, BREITLING deliberately plays on this spectrum of reflections and hues by creating a striking contrast with the unique radiance of diamonds. Representing another deliberate aesthetic choice, its integrated bracelet gracefully encircles the wrist, entirely in harmony with the purity of its design.

With the STARLINER, BREITLING demonstrates its mastery in producing the most elegant sports models. The most efficient too, since its SUPERQUARTZ™ BREITLING Caliber 71 is ten times more precise than a standard movement, a level of accuracy that earns it chronometer certification by the COSC. The case is built to withstand minimum pressure of 10 bars, or 330 feet (100 meters). It is equipped with a screwed in caseback and a glareproofed sapphire crystal to ensure optimal readability.

Movement: BREITLING Caliber 71, thermocompensated SUPERQUARTZ™ movement.
Official chronometer-certified by the COSC. Battery end-of-life indicator. Calendar.
Case: steel, two-tone, 18K yellow gold. Water-resistant to 330 feet (100 meters)/10 bars.
Triple-gasket crown. Unidirectional ratcheted rotating bezel. Cambered sapphire crystal,
glareproofed both sides. Diameter : 30 mm. Bracelet: PILOT integrated.


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