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Breitling SuperOcean

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Breitling Superocean  for the  RNLI royal  national lifeboats  limited 
Breitling GMT SUPEROCEAN   for the WEMPE   limited 100pcs. ref A32360  Breitling GMT SUPEROCEAN   for the WEMPE   limited 100pcs. ref A32360 
Breitling Superocean  for the Miami HEAT AmericanAirlines Arena  from 2000
Breitling Superocean  for the KFOR Give Peace A chance   ref A17340 limited 250pcs from 2001
Breitling Superocean STEELFISH  ref A17390  for the ROYAL  MARINES COMMANDO limited 100pcs
Breitling Superocean  for the 849_seaking squadron limited 50pcs  Breitling Superocean  for the  RNLI royal  national lifeboats  limited  Breitling Superocean STEELFISH  ref A17390  for the ROYAL  MARINES Commando’s limited 250pcs
Breitling COLT SUPEROCEA ref A17040 for the  LEGION FRANZ  limited 100pcs  from 1998  Breitling Superocean STEELFISH  ref A17390  for the RAF Logistics Branch  limited 150pcs  Breitling Superocean STEELFISH  ref A17390  for the RAF Regiment  limited 
Breitling Superocean STEELFISH  ref A17390 for the MI5 from 2009   limited 4000pcs  Breitling COLT SUPEROCEA ref  K10040 gold 
limited from 1996
Breitling  SUPEROCEA (Genève Super Océan )
 for LIP  cal 
188 Valjoux  FROM 1970 

Breitling Superocean heritage forROYAL GURKHA RIFLES from 2015 Breitling Superocean STEELFISH  ref A17390 for the  GIGN SWAT TEAM for the 30ans only 50pcs.  

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