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=18k Rose Gold + Bracelet 18k Rose Gold =Platinum D =Steel \Yellow Gold A = Stainless Steel
From 1991 to the present Breitling models marked by a method of 6 characters
The first character indicates the level of finish (A-R see the index)
Two characters followed 
Indicate the type of mechanism (cal. 01-09 in-house ; cal.10-49 Mechanical ;cal. 50-99 Quartz)
If the mechanism is 
in-house the "B" will followed Before the mechanism number ,if it is not in-house  The numbers 3 or 0
Displayed after the model of the mechanism,When "3" states COSC Certification and "0" is none COSC.
(From year 2000 all breitling Model are with 
COSC Certification)
The last Two digits indicate the model.
A = 
Stainless Steel

B =Two tone (Stainless Steel + Gold tabs)
C =Steel \Rose Gold (18K rose Gold  Bezel)
D =
Steel \Yellow Gold (18K yellow Gold  Bezel)
E =Titanium
=Two-tone (
Titanium \Gold)
H =18k Rose Gold 
J =18k White Gold
K =1
8k Yellow Gold
M =BlackSteel
M(old)  =80s military
P =
Stainless Steel with Platinum Bezel
=Stainless Steel with White Gold Bezel
=18k Rose Gold + Bracelet 18k Rose Gold

For example:#1
Stainless Steel; 13= Caliber 13 ; 3=COSC Certification
; 40 = CSO (Chrono superocean)

For example:#2

A=Stainless Steel; B01 = Caliber 01 Manufacture ;

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