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Breitling AVENGER'S
Breitling SUPER AVENGER  ref A13370 for NHLPA 
from 2006 ,EDITION LIMITEE 500pcs in B&W.
Breitling SUPER AVENGER  ref A13370 for NHLPA 
from 2006 ,EDITION LIMITEE 500pcs in B&W.
Breitling SUPER AVENGER  ref A13370 for Sphinx 
from 2010 ,EDITION LIMITEE 50 pcs
Breitling CHRONO AVENGER  for SNOWBIRDS  ref E13360
Breitling chrono AVENGER  ref E13360 for
BLACK HAWK AUSTRIA from 2003 , LIMITED 100pcs 
Breitling CHRONO AVENGER Rattrapahte 
rom 2003 ,Cal.34 LIMITED 25pcs,Transparent bac
Breitling AVENGER Blacksteel Chrono x Francisco from 2012 red, white and greenToledo limited 250pcs. Breitling CHRONO AVENGER Sixty nine  ref A69360 
cal 69 with 23 rubis   SuperQuartfrom 2003 , LIMITED 600pcs, Transparent back
Breitling AVENGER for  NHLPA 
Breitling  SUPER AVENGER for USA MARKET blacksteel 48mm Cal. 13 with 25 rubis    from 2014  Breitling  AVENGER white mariner blue  43mm 
Cal. 13 with 25 rubis   JAPAN MARKET  from 2014 , LIMITED 500 pcs, 
Avenger blackbird boutique edition in cobra yellow
1000 pcs from 2015
SUPER AVENGER Ⅱ Military Limited     
link to Breitling Avenger Skyland Page

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