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Breitling Milestones 

1884 1892 1914
Leon Breitling open workshop Relocation In la Chaux-de-Fonds Gaston Breitling take over


1915 1923  
Chronograph  Premier Chronograph with push  


1941 1942  
First Chronomat Chronomat Moonphase  
1943 1944 1946
Duograph Datora Quadra


1951 1952 1954
Unitime Navitimer Avi


1962 1967 1968
Navitimer Cosmonaute New Datora Superocean


1969 1979 1984
Chrono-Matic Ernest Schneider take over Chronomat


1985 1995 1998
Aerospace Emergency B-1


1999 2000 2001
All models COSC  Aeadquarters location in Grenchen SuperQuartz

2002 2004 2009
50th Navitimer Chronomat Evoulotion Caliber B01 in-house


2010 2014  
Ttansocean 130th Celebration  










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